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Nobody beats the Ray standard for service and a job well done! Call Us Today! (336)-790-9515

     Here at Ray Pest Control we believe excellence in work ethic and integrity sells itself. We are determined to provide the highest quality job for the most reasonable price. We employ skilled technicians that are certified by the state of North Carolina to ensure a high standard of service and customer satisfaction. Our technicians are available to provide you service at the time you need it, when you need it.

     From bed bug extermination to wildlife removal services, we are your one stop source for all pest problems. Whether it is a squirrel in the basement, bedbugs in the bedroom, ants on the counter, bats in the attic, mice in the crawlspace or termites eating the walls, we have you covered. We provide the best guarantees in the pest control business in every field. Nobody beats our standard for service and a job well done.

As for staying power we have been in business since 1973.

     We are still thriving and growing and you can count on us. We would love to welcome you to the way we do business. Anything else is just not the same.

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     We provide environmentally responsible pest management by implementing integrated pest management practices in and around your home or business. Integrated pest management involves evaluating and taking action on all potential contributing factors that may cause a pest problem. We then target the pest and only apply the amount of pesticide necessary to eliminate the issue. Better for you and your family. We proudly serve residents in Winston-Salem, Piedmont, and the surrounding areas.

Check Out Our Services Tab: Pest control, Wood Destroying Insects, Bedbugs, Wild Life, Wild Life Exclusions, Chimney Caps, Moisture and Drainage Control, Foundation Vents, Insulation, Gutter Cleaning, Crawl Accesses and more.


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